We are a small home based cattery in Missouri, showing  and raising Abyssinians.  Abyssinians are lively, fun-loving and have sweet social dispositions.  Abys are very intelligent and trainable.   They can learn to retrieve and will walk on a leash with harness.  They adore heights; the top of cabinets is a favorite spot.



We occasionally have kittens for adoption, check the kitten page for details.  Our kittens are registered in TICA and CFA.

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Tegwen is a beautiful cinnamon Abyssinian.  She achieved international placement  in the 2020/2021 show season and the very Best Abyssinian in TICA world wide. 


Niahm is a gorgeous and very sweet ruddy Abyssinian.  She also had a great show season for the 2020/2021 show year, achieving international placement. 


Tibet is a very handsome, blue Abyssinian.  He had a very successful show career, achieved an International Win as Best Abyssinian in 2018/19 and 2019/20 show years, plus international placement in top 25 short hair pedigree cats of all breeds.  


Aiofe is a beautiful ruddy Abyssinian.  She also had a very successful show career with regional wins, placing in the top 25 for all breed kittens and all breed cats in the 2019/2020 show year.